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Southwest state to hold election of 3-senate seats

BAIDOA (SD) – Southwest state of Somalia is expected to hold election of three senatorial seat barely two weeks after the state elected five senators.

The President of South West state Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen has released the names of the candidates running for the region’s three remaining senate seats

A total of six candidates will be vying for the final three seats.

The lists of the candidates are:

  1. Hassan Hussein Haji
  2. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi
  1. Ali Sheikh Mohamed Ga’al
  2. Abdikadir Abdi Ahmed
  1. Abdullahi Robow Mohamed
  2. Abdiweli Mohamed Ibrahim

According presidential statement, the election of the seat will be held on 15th of this month.

Sunday’s vote in South West State will be the second regional state to complete the election of the Upper House after Puntland state.

On 2nd of this month, regional lawmakers in South West State had elected five senators including two women.

The following is a list of senators elected today and their respective sub-clans:

1.   Aden Abdinasir Mohamed- Hadamo sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
2.   Ayan Adam Abdullahi- Hariin sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
3.   Senator Zamzam Ibrahim Ali- Hariin sub-clan, Mirifle clan
4.   Dr. Hussein Mohamed Dahir-Yeeladle sub-clan, Mirifle Clan
5.   Mohamud Abdinur Garabey- Geeladle sub-clan, Mirifle Clan

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