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Speaker Bashe: “I promise that Faisal Ali Warabe will not run for fourth time in Somaliland”

Hargeisa (SD) – The Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives, Bashe Mohamed Farah, in a press conference today, has responded to recent insults from UCID Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe.

Chairman Bashe Mohamed Farah said Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe’s speech was out of place and intolerable to the communities in eastern Somaliland.

Bashe Mohamed Farah, the Speaker of the House of Representatives said he is sitting in the third highest seat in the country, adding that Faysal had made statements that could alienate certain Somaliland community, which is not good for the people of Somaliland.

In addition, speaker Bashe said, when the house re-opens, they will take legal steps against the chairman, adding that Faisal Ali Warabe is creating divisions within the community, and the Speaker noted that the elections will happen across the country and nobody can oppose it.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives said that they have decided not to allow Faisal Ali Warabe to run for president again, which means they are enacting a new law that will ban a fourth run.

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