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SSC-Khatumo and Somaliland forces clash in Las Anod

Las Anod August 13, 2023 (SD) – Reports from Sool region indicate that clashes occurred in the outskirts of the city of Las Anod, the capital of the region, resulting in deaths, amid confrontations between Somaliland forces and SSC forces.

The clashes took place in the eastern part of the city and involved both sides engaging in fierce fighting.

Local residents interviewed by local media have described the scenes of chaos in the eastern part of Las Anood and the overall situation in the city.

They reported intense gunfire and explosions from the ongoing clashes. At least four individuals lost their lives in the confrontation, with others being wounded, according to eyewitnesses and hospital sources.

The situation is tense, as described by some of the residents who spoke to the media. They stated that the situation is still ongoing and that both sides are heavily involved in the ongoing conflict. The situation is said to have escalated to a large extent, with both sides exchanging heavy gunfire.

The SSC movement has claimed that significant reinforcements have been deployed to the frontlines, aiming to support the Gacan-Libaax forces waging a war on Bihi’s Somaliland. The recent period in Las Anod has been characterized by a sense of insecurity, even as both sides tried to control the narrative through the media.

Previously, efforts were made to bring about a ceasefire to stabilize the situation, failed despite both sides issuing peace statements.

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