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SSC-KHATUMO: Feds still believe we are part of Somaliland

LAS ANOD (SD) -SSC-Khatumo has accused the federal government of Somalia of diverting development projects intended for SSC-Khatumo regions to Somaliland, indicating that the federal government still believes that the SSC-Khatumo regions are part of Somaliland.

The Deputy Leader of SSC, Dr. Mohamed Shiine, stated that the federal government needs to ensure that development projects are distributed fairly, with particular attention paid to neglected regions such as SSC-Khaatumo.

Dr. Shine emphasized that they cannot accept the diversion of projects intended for SSC to Hargeisa, highlighting previous instances where the government failed to fulfill promises made to SSC.

The Deputy Leader’s remarks came as the federal government allocated a significant amount of $60 million for educational purposes.

The regions designated for the project, which will take place over three years, do not include SSC-Khatumo.

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