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Taiwan donates to Waheen Market Reconstruction Commission

HARGEISA (SD) – The Taiwanese government has donated $550,000 and other equipment to the Somaliland government.

Taiwan’s envoy to Somaliland Amb Allen Lou handed over the donation to Somaliland’s Minister of Religion and Endowments Sh. Abdirizaq Hussein Albani.

“On behalf of the Taiwan government and two Taiwanese agencies, I would like to donate $ 550,000 in emergency assistance to the (Waaheen) market emergency committee,” said Amb Lou.

Minister of Religion and Endowments of Somaliland Sh. Abdirizak Hussein Albani, who received the donation from the Representative, thanked the Taiwanese government.

“The Waheen market donation, which the ambassador described here as an emergency to help support the Waheen market victims, makes Taiwan the first donor country.” said Albani.

Hargeisa City Council members, opposition parties and those whose property was burned in the market have criticized the government’s interference in the market’s donations and reconstruction operations.

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