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Sheikh Adan Madobe takes over as Speaker of Parliament

MOGADISHU (SD) – The new speaker of the 11th parliament Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nur Madobe has today taken over from the former speaker of the 10th parliament Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman.

The meeting was attended by the First Deputy Speaker of the House of the People BJFS Sadia Yasin Haji Samatar and the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the House of the People Abdullahi Omar Abshirow.

Speaking at the meeting, Speaker Sheikh Aden Madobe said that the agenda of today’s meeting was only about the transferring post of Speaker of the House of the People.

The new Speaker of the House of the People has adjourned the House of Representatives for Eid al-Fitr, and announced that the House of Representatives will reconvene on May 4th.

Sheikh Aden Madobe said he was not part of any ideological group and was representing all of parliament, and that any irregularities would be addressed after Eid which parliament would reconvene.

Meanwhile, Thirty-two MPs elected in a parallel election in Ceel-Waq and Garbaharey, entered the venue and caused disruptions.

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