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Taiwan helps fund elections in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdikadir Jirdeh, a senior member of the Wadani Party, said in a recent speech that the Taiwanese government was providing financial support to the Somaliland elections.

Taiwan, which recently established a new diplomatic relationship with Somaliland, has been at the forefront of supporting pro-democracy and electoral elections in Somaliland, paying $ 2 million, according to Mr. Jirdeh.

Lawmaker Abdikadir Jirdeh, the interim chairman of Waddani, reportedly echoed the Taiwan funding during a meeting with ambassadors and diplomats from around the world who support Somaliland’s democracy and elections.

The Somaliland government has not yet commented on the money donated by Taiwan, where and how it will be used.

Not only does Taiwan support election in Somaliland, but the European Union, Sweden and the United Kingdom are also spending millions of dollars on holding local and regional elections as well as the ongoing registration process.

The Somaliland government, meanwhile, is spending another $ 2 million on elections and voter registration, with the Government paying most of the funding for the ongoing national voter registration.

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