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Somalia: PM Roble and the Union of Candidates agree to meet

Mogadishu (SD) – New reporting on the negotiations between the union of candidates and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble say an understanding was reached last night.

Sources close to the members of the delegation mediating between the Prime Minister and the Opposition candidates say that the parties have agreed to have a lunch meeting today.

The sources added, the consensus came after Roble accepted two of the three points put forward by the candidates.

The candidates demanded and the country’s PM agreed to condemn, and apologize for what happened on 19 February, allow demonstrations, however, the PM rejected the candidates demand that they be included in the election process discussions.

The announcement comes as the Union of Candidates today reiterated that they will hold a rally on Friday, just one day after the government banning gatherings.

Representatives of the international community and Somali politicians have also been working tirelessly in recent days to delay or stop Friday’s protests, which have caused a safety concern in Mogadishu.

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