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Taiwan issuing visas to citizens with Somaliland passport

Hargeisa (SD) – Taiwan’s Representative office in Hargeisa has begun issuing visas to Somalilanders traveling to Taiwan with Somaliland passports, according to sources.

Taiwan has granted visas to a large number of people, mostly business people, allowing them to travel with Somaliland passports, while previously traveling was only possible with a Somali passports.

The move by Taiwan’s office in Hargeisa is in support of the republic’s independence, treating Somaliland as sovereign state, which the international community is still treating as though it is part of Somalia.

Somaliland’s lack of recognition was long viewed as an obstacle to advancing the country’s business acumen and investment

The federal government of Somalia and China have both rejected the diplomatic cooperation between Somaliland and Taiwan, with the opening of full diplomatic missions in Hargeisa and Taipei.


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