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Journalists Association Expresses Concerns Over Media Treatment Under Bihi Government

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Journalist advocate group SOLJA today criticized the government’s treatment of media houses and journalists.

Somaliland Journalist Association (Solja) strongly opposed the arrest of Liban Osman Ali of and Abdikadir Habane of Eryal TV and Wajalenews, who are being held by the C.I.D. according to a press release.

Solja in the same statement today criticized Somaliland government on other violations.

“SOLJA considers the detention of the two journalists illegal as they were arrested without a hearing and did not defend themselves against the charges against them, which should have been brought before them”. The statement read.

SOLJA discussed the case of Abdimanan Yusuf of Astan TV. “SOLJA welcomes the case of the owner of Astan TV Abdimanan Yusuf, whose trial began today in the Marodi-jeex Regional Court, with many calling for him to be brought to justice, as his arrest has been marred by controversy”.

SOLJA in today’s statement, described Somaliland Minister of Information’s treatment of the state media and independent media as abusive.

“SOLJA, is deeply concerned about the way the Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Suleiman Koore is treating government journalists, independent media outlets and is undermining the development of the Somaliland media”. Statement.

Media advocacy group discussed their filing of objections to the country’s use of the Penal Code against journalists and media outlets saying “SOLJA, has this week filed a lawsuit against the Somaliland government at the Somaliland Supreme Court, and we hope that the Supreme Court will consider the case, as it is debated. as there is a long debate over how to proceed with Media Complaints.”.

SOLJA appealed to the country’s law makers “To amend the Media Law, which has been before the House of Representatives for the past 18 years.”

Somaliland Journalists Association also recommended that the President of Somaliland take “clear action against the delays in the ministry and intensify the various services it provides to the community which, if put in place, could compete with the various media used in the war against Somaliland”.

The Somaliland Journalists Association has recently expressed continuous concerns about the government’s handling of the country’s constitution enshrined press and individual freedoms.

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