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Taliban leaders capture in Afghan presidential palace

Kabul (SD) – The Taliban, who previously controlled much of Afghanistan, has recently moved into the country’s only remaining region, the capital, Kabul.

The Taliban now controls all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. They captured these regions in the last few days as government forces fled and surrendered.

The Afghan government currently controls only Kabul International Airport, although the first Taliban fighters have entered the presidential place.

International media are reporting on the Taliban’s top leadership reciting the Koran in the presidential palace, as the country’s President Ashraf Qani fled to Tajikistan.

“President Ghani left the country in order to avoid clashes with the Taliban, which would have endanger the lives of millions of people in Kabul,” said a brief statement posted on President Ashraf Ghani’s Facebook page.

The United States, Britain, France, Germany and other countries are moving to close their embassies out of the country, and are currently evacuating their staff.

The Taliban were successful in seizing control of the presidential palace and government buildings, 95% of which are now under their control.

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