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Tension over former president’s security in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD)- Sources in Mogadishu tell us there is possible conflict over former president Sheikh Sharif’s personal Security.

According to the sources the Somali special police force Harmcad patrolled roads close to former Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s home near Mogadishu airport.

About an hour after the troops were in the area around Sheikh Sharif’s home, members of Somali military forces arrived at the scene and took up positions near the home of the former president.

These Somali Military personnel believe the federal government is political motivated and are possibly gearing up with a conflict with the opposition and particularly with the former president.

The forces returned to their areas just hours later, but the tension remained as Mogadishu residents wondering about the government’s decision to send forces to the former president’s residence.

The leader of the Himilo party and former president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was meeting with the Abgal Imam and other traditional elders in his home during the military face off last night.

Both the federal government and Himilo leader didn’t yet address the issue, there are efforts by elders in Mogadishu to calm the situation.

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