Somali scientist contracts Coronavirus

London (SD) – Hassan Abdi Dhore is one of the scientists commissioned to work on a coronavirus vaccine in the UK has himself contracted the virus, according to the BBC Somali service.

“ I was at work when I first felt sick, I was then sent home, I immediately started coughing and felt a severe fever, I do not really know how I got infected, I did use public transportation.” Said the scientist.

What medications did the scientist use after being infected?

Responding to that question Dhore said: “first there is no cure for this disease, because of it being a new virus. I have been taking paracetamol and I was also drinking lots of water “,

He has now recovered from the illness and urged Somalis to believe the virus is real, and to be very careful.

According to the scientist, coronavirus treatment can take more than a year, with the disease being extremely prevalent in most countries around the world.

Europe is now the coronavirus hotbed, despite its first outbreak in China with Italy being the country with the most casualties and is still at grappling with the disease.

Around 350,000 people have been infected with Coronavirus so far and 15,000 of them have died, and about 100,000 have been recovered.

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