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Tensions are high in Beledweyne as Gudlawe plans to visit

BELEDWEYNE (SD) – The situation in Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiiraan region is reported to be tense this morning, at a time when heavily armed forces are seen patrolling parts of the cities neighborhoods.

Residents say they are now feeling the tension, as opposition forces have reportedly set up military vehicles on the main roads.

The tension rose as president of Hirshabelle administration Ali Gudlawe Hussein and a delegation led by him are expected to visit Beledweyne.

Speaking to the media in Mogadishu last night, General Hud, who is leading the opposition forces, opposed Ali Gudlawe’s visit to Beledweyne, denying that there was any agreement between him and Hirshabelle.

Beledweyne, has previously been the scene of heavy fighting between government forces alongside HirShabelle troops and armed rebels opposed to Ali Gudlawe’s administration.

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