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The body of missing Ohio Imam found in wooded area

Columbus (SD) – The body of Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Aden, the imam of the Abu Huraira Somali Mosque in Columbus, Ohio, has been found.

According to Police, Sheikh Mohamed’s body was found Friday evening in his car in a wooded area north of Columbus.

Imam Mohammed was reportedly last seen two nights ago after he led the Isha prayer at Abu Huraira Mosque.

Somalis in Columbus launched a search and rescue operation in recent days for the Sheikh in all neighborhoods of the city.

Imam Mohamed was a beloved father and businessman in the Somali community in Ohio.

The Somali community in Ohio has demanded justice and a full investigation into the death of Imam Mohamed.

Also, the Council on American Muslim Relations (CAIR) has offered a $ 10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone involved in Imam Mohammed’s death.

The killing of the Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Aden has shaken many Somalis in the West, they could be seen on social media expressing their sorrow and frustration.

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