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The chairman of the Guurti submitted his resignation letter to President Bihi

Hargeisa (SD) – Suleiman Mohamud Adan (Saleban Nur), according to several sources with direct knowledge, submitted a resignation letter to President Muse Bihi and the House of Elders this week.

The Speaker of the Somaliland House of Elders, Saleban Mohamud Aden, said his resignation was due to poor health, and sources close to the House of Elders said he had asked both the House and Muse Bihi to accept his resignation letter.

The source added that Chairman Saleban Mohamud Aden will be traveling abroad to the United Kingdom for health reasons.

Sources close to the House of Elders told Somali Dispatch that Chairman Saleban Mohamud Aden and President Muse Bihi had already met and discussed the reasons for vacating the post, although it could not be confirmed whether Muse Bihi and the Guurti accepted the proposal.

The announcement of Saleban Mohamud Adan resignation from the post of Speaker of the House of Elders, triggered an intense competition for the position, there are rumors that some ministers in Muse Bihi’s government are already vying for the position.

Chairman Saleban Mohamud Aden joined the House of Elders in 2004, and became its chairman, following the death of his predecessor, Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Yusuf Sheikh Madar.

However, the resignation of chairman Mohamud Aden comes at a time when Somaliland’s Senate elections are scheduled to take place in 2022, as Somaliland just held elections for the House of Representatives and local councils.

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