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The Electoral Resolution Committee addresses Elwaq and Garbaharey elections

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia’s Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee has issued a statement stating that the elections parallel elections in Garbaharey and Elwaq are violation of the country’s electoral agreements and procedures.

“The election from Garbaharey, does not have Jubaland administration’s approval and the role of the SIET is missing, while Elwaq elections are in violation of the process of allocating electoral cities according to the law of Indirect elections approved by the two chambers of Parliament.” said the committee.

The committee called on the country’s authorities designed to oversee and regulate the electoral process to step in and provide direction.

“The Conflict Resolution Committee recommends a national consultation for a sustainable election to the current elections in Garbaharey and Elwaq, which requires political dialogue and consignment.” said statement.

The Conflict Resolution Committee added that it was not a party to the Parallel elections in Gedo

“Conflict Resolution Committee will not participate in The Gedo elections until a political agreement to resolve the issue is reached by the NCC.” said the Dispute Resolution Committee.

The Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee decision comes at a time when Gedo region is in the midst of a disputed Parallel 16-seat election.

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