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Fadumo Said updates UK MPs about the fires in Waheen market

(SD) – The International Relations Adviser to Somaliland House of Elders, Ms. Fadumo Said, addressed a meeting on the Waaheen market fire in Hargeisa at the British Parliament.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise funds for the recovery of the Waheen market, which burnt down on April 1, 2022.

Ms. Fadumo Said reported on the scale of the economic crisis in Somaliland and how the people who lost their livelihoods could find support.

“I can not describe, what happened, it was a great tragedy, you can imagine if one of the markets in London if it leaks how the situation will be” Mrs. Faduma Said. Adding “Waheen Market was the largest market in Somaliland and was a lifeline for the country’s economy. ”

She reiterated that the victims of the Waheen fire needed immediate assistance to save the livelihoods of the families who had lost their property, who are now in destitute.

The meeting was attended by members of the UK Parliament, including Sir Gavin Williams, Stephen Doughty, and Somaliland’s Ambassador to the UK, Ambassador Abdi Abdullahi.

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