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The EU and Somalia launch a Joint Operational partnership

May 03, 2023 (SD) -The Federal Government of Somalia and the European Union have launched a Joint Operational Roadmap to promote a new partnership between the two sides for the next two years.

Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abshir Cumar Huruse, said the agreement would allow the government to implement its plans, amend the country’s constitution, and develop the justice system.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hamze Abdi Bare, praised the Joint Operational Roadmap agreement and expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the importance of the cooperation between Somalia and the European Union.

The agreement was also welcomed by the EU’s Head of Delegation for the Horn of Africa and Red Sea, Annette Weber, who called for the EU’s €20.5 million Euros in support for Somalia’s new budget to be disbursed in September.

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