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The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Islamic countries Supports Somalia’s Unity

BANJUL (SD) – The Federal Government of Somalia received significant support at the recent meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Islamic countries, which concluded yesterday in Banjul, the capital of Gambia.

The meeting issued a statement endorsing Somalia’s peace, stability, leadership, and territorial integrity, at a time when tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia have escalated following the signing of a controversial agreement by the Abiy government granting Somaliland exclusive rights to maritime resources.

Additionally, the ministers of Islamic countries emphasized in their statements that they do not support any interference in Somalia’s leadership and territorial integrity, reinforcing the diplomatic success achieved by the federal government against Ethiopia’s interference.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of Somalia’s role in international forums and regional organizations, expressing support for the candidacy of Fawziya Yusuf Haji Adam, Somalia’s candidate for the chairperson of the African Union Commission.

Tomorrow, the city of Banjul will host a summit of heads of Islamic countries, with the participation of 57 member states of the organization.

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