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The Opposition Electoral Safety Committee elects a Chairman

Mogadishu (SD) – The newly-appointed Electoral Security Committee of the Union of Opposition Presidential Candidates held its first meeting today, electing a Chairman.

The members of the Commission elected a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, a Secretary and a Spokesperson, and the Commission stated that they would work for the security of the election, and for a mutually acceptable election.

Yusuf Hassan Mursal, a former BBC journalist, was elected chairman of the Security Committee.

The Union of Presidential Candidates congratulated the new officials on their election.

The appointment and the election of the Electoral Security Committee by the opposition candidates follows the Federal Governments appointed electoral commission.

The names of the Board are as follows: –

1) Committee Chairman Yusuf Hassan Mursal.
2) Deputy Chairman Abdullahi Mohamed Aden (Farey)
3) Secretary Abdifatah Mohamed Dhicis.
4) Spokesman Abdullahi Abdi Mohamed (Abdullahi Telephone)

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