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The Somali government condemned Al Shabaab attack that killed 20 civilians

MOGADISHU Saturday, September, 3, 2022 (SD) –The Federal Government of Somalia released an statement on Al-Shabaab group that killed 20 traveling civilians, burning 8 vehicles transporting food to Maxaas District and other villages.

The Al Shabaab claimed attack happened last night in Afar Irdood who is located in between Beledweyne city & Maxaas in Hiiraan Region, and that the Federal Government of Somalia in their statement cited that it was an Inhumane Atrocious Act.

“The Federal Government of Somalia is deeply saddened by the Atrocious attack of Al-Shabaab killing Innocent civilians, and at the same time burning their Assets & Goods in Maxaas, Hiiraan Region, and that this sort of attack is showing us that this Cruel Extremist are getting Weaker and been unable to face our National Army. We are fully -committed and intent to eradicate the Al-Shabaab group entirely from the whole country. The way they cruelly and atrociously kill and attack civilians will be the driving force of the people and their Government who stands for freeing the country from this extremist group.” said the Released Federal Government statement.

This latest attack comes days after the previous attack on Hayat Hotel and the mortar shells of Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu city in civilian’s areas this week.

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