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The Somali police blames Al Shabaab for blasts at Zoobe

Mogadishu October 29, 2022 (SD) – The spokesperson of the Somali Police, Major Sadiq Aden Ali (Doodishe), gave details of two explosions that took place today near the Zoobe intersection in Mogadishu.

Vehicles packed with explosives targeted the headquarters of the Ministry of Education of the Somali government in the vicinity of Zoobe.

The Somali Police spokesperson said that Al-Shabaab targeted educational centers near the Zoobe intersection, and civilians were present at the time.

“The two blasts targeted the Zoobe intersection or KM5 where they killed the civilians five years ago on October 14. but the brave national army got information of the terrorist plot, their countermeasures have reduced the losses that the enemy intended to inflict on the Somali people,” said the Police Spokesman.

The police spokesman added that the explosions killed many civilians, including mothers, children, and other people, which he said that Al-Shabaab’s goal is to murder the Somali people.

Doodishe did not address that these attacks happen without any measurable prevention plans from relevant agencies.
Although the government blamed Al Shabaab for these explosions, no one has yet claimed responsibility.

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