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Somaliland: no election will take place in territories inhabited by Garhajis clan

Burao October 27,2022 (SD) – A consultation meeting held in Somaliland’s second largest city Burao by the Garhajis Clan, concluded with a condemnation of the enclave’s electoral process.

In a released communique, the Clan has urged finding an agreement between the three national parties before the end of the term of President Bihi on November 13, 2022.

The clan has also insisted that the presidential election should be held within the technical period announced by the country’s electoral committee and if that does not happen, no election will be held in the areas where the community resides.

The community rejected the presidential two year term extension granted by the unelected Somaliland Guurti house.

Garhajis clan warned of the problems that could arise from Somaliland’s electoral dispute, and called on the international community to intervene, and also called for an investigation into the killing of peaceful demonstrators on August 11 2022.


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