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Two candidates with the most votes in the Somaliland elections

Hargeisa (SD) – Two of Wadani Party’s local council and parliamentary candidates won the largest number of votes in Somaliland’s May 31, 2021 elections.

Barkhad Jama Batun, a Waddani candidate running for the Somaliland House of Representatives in the Marodijeh region, received the most votes in the preliminary results.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission announced late last night that the preliminary results of the Somaliland House of Representatives confirming that Barkhad Batun had received 20,231 votes.

Barkhad got the most votes then any member of the Somaliland House of Representatives, with more than three times the votes of other candidates in the House of Representatives.

Barkhad Jama Batun hails from the Gaboye tribe, a minority group in Somaliland, he won the hearts of Somalis everywhere since the start of his election campaign.

On the other hand, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge received the largest number of votes in the local council elections in Somaliland.

Candidate Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge received more than 26,799 votes.

“The vote you have given me is a blow to the tribal politicians. I will represent you all, and thank you.” Said Mr. Mooge in a victory speech.

Mr. Mooge had previously said he was running for mayor, and after his victory he reiterated his candidacy.

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