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The UN condemns the Al-Shabaab attack on the ATMIS military base in Buulo Mareer

NY May 27, 2023 (SD) – The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Csaba Kőrösi, strongly condemned yesterday’s attack on the African Union Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) base in Buulo Mareer town in Lower Shabelle region.

The President expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and the people and governments of Uganda and Somalia. He also emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive healthcare for the injured.

The President of the General Assembly further stated that it is necessary to take immediate action to restore stability in the areas affected by the recent attack on the Buulo Mareer base in Lower Shabelle region.

Al-Shabaab militants carried out a recent attack, targeting the ATMIS base, particularly the Ugandan forces stationed in Buulo Mareer.

The attack resulted in the deaths of several soldiers from the Ugandan contingent and caused additional casualties. Additionally, Al-Shabaab has targeted the mission ever since its mandate.

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