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Somalia: 33 thousand students take the annual High School Exams

Mogadishu May 27, 2023 (SD) – The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Salah Jama, officially launched today the 2023 national secondary school examination, which started in the city of Mogadishu and all the regional capitals.

A total of 33,700 students have sat for this year’s annual secondary school examination, at 114 examination centers in the country’s regions, as stated by the Minister of Education, Culture, and Higher Education, Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir.

The Deputy Prime Minister praised the successful organization of the secondary school examination and commended the efforts of the ministry and the participating teachers in conducting a fair national examination.

The DanQaran Government, giving great importance to educational development, recently recruited 3,000 teachers, contributing to the country’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of education for Somali students.

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