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The United States added 26 Somalis to the terrorist list

Washington May 24, 2023 (SD) – The United States government has released a list of individuals associated with the Al-Shabaab group and entities connected to it.

A press release issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security states that among the individuals listed are:

Mohamed Siidow, identified as a financial leader within the al-Shabaab militant group.

Ali Yare, described as another financial leader responsible for channeling funds to al-Shabaab through the Beledul Amiin charcoal trade in the Lower Shabelle region.

Mohamed Dawood Gabaane, identified as a key figure involved in the collection of al-Shabaab’s taxes in the Wanlaweyn district.

The U.S. government has also listed Suleiman Abdi Daoud, who serves as both the financial leader and leader of the Beledul Amiin district, and oversees al-Shabaab’s judicial activities. Additionally, Mohamed Omar Mohamed is identified as the leader of al-Shabaab in Diinsoor, and is accused of orchestrating attacks.

Furthermore, the U.S. government has stated that the listed individuals are associated with organizations linked to al-Shabaab. Fifteen individuals have been identified as providing financial support to the group, four engaged in illicit trade activities, and ten affiliated with various entities.

Among those listed is Hassan Abshir Xuurrow, who is identified as the al-Shabaab leader responsible for managing finances in Kismayo.

Aadan Yusuf Saacid Ibrahim (Ibrahim) is mentioned as providing financial assistance to al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle, while Mumin Dheere (Dheere) and Mcaalin Burhaan are cited as deputies of the local leader in Wayanta district of Lower Shabelle and leaders within the regional al-Shabaab branch, respectively. Additionally, fourteen others are listed as providing financial and material support to al-Shabaab, along with nine involved in illicit trade and companies.

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