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Elections in districts including the capital Garowe postponed

Garoowe May 24, 2023 (SD) – The Puntland Electoral Commission has announced the cancellation of the elections in three districts of Nugal region, namely Garowe, Godobjiran, and Dangoroyo.

A press release issued by the commission stated that the elections in these three districts have been canceled due to security incidents that occurred in Garowe.

The Minister of Planning of Puntland, Mohamed Said Farole, posted on his Facebook page, addressing the issue and mentioning that the regional council elections in Nugal region had been suspended following clashes between security forces and opposition politicians, which endangered the safety of the people.

Yesterday, it was reported that clashes erupted between the Danab military forces and some of the election candidates in Burtinle district, indicating that the election dispute has not been resolved yet.

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