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Trump Administration deports record number of Somalis

Washington (SD) – Since US President Donald Trump, took power hundreds of Somalis have been deported back to Somalia, and a number more were repatriated just yesterday.

A total of 70 Somalis were flown in from Minnesota yesterday, making it the largest deportation rate to Mogadishu by the United States in one month.

The deportees include asylum seekers who have been denied and people who have committed various crimes who have been convicted by a court.

Somali rights groups in the United States say they should not be repatriated to Somalia for security reasons.

Mohamud Muse Hassan, a Somali-American rights activist, said they had made many efforts in , but had failed.

He also noted that the Trump administration had not heeded calls to not repatriate Somalis, most recently, with those who were repatriated yesterday.

“Most of the deportees are men, and not women and children, and some of the deportees have been working,” Mohamed Muse told the Voa.

Detailing that some of the people deported by the United States have also been charged with felony criminal mischief, attributing their deportation as part of Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The United States has ordered the deportation of 4,800 refugees and criminals, and 1,440 have been deported so far.

The Trump administration, which ends on January 20, has repatriated thousands of people, including Somalis.

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