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Puntland ministers, military officials to visit Sanaag region, escalating tensions

Erigavo (SD) – The latest reports from Sanaag region indicates that government and Puntland military officials are heading there today.

The delegation includes Puntland’s Minister of Finance, parliamentarians, police and Darawish commanders and members of the Puntland Armed Forces Reform and Statistics Committee.

The Puntland official’s visit appears to be in response to Somaliland officials in the same region for the past few weeks, escalating tensions in the region.

The delegation will visit the Puntland military training camp in Badhan, which is currently training new units of Puntland government forces, and will go on to visit military bases in the front lines of the Sanaag region.

The Puntland delegation’s visit to Sanaag region also coincides with the Somaliland government’s registration of elections in Sanaag and Haylan regions.

The Puntland delegation’s visit to Sanaag region also coincides with Somaliland government’s voter registration in Sanaag and Haylan regions, for this year’s upcoming parliamentary and local election.

Somaliland’s Eastern regions did not participate in previous elections due to security concerns.

Somaliland Authorities recently condemned Puntland’s interference in the voter registration campaign, but did not yet comment on Puntland officials visit to the region.

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