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Turkey reportedly delivers drones to Somali Government

Mogadishu (SD) – The Somali government has been widely reported on social media that the Turkish government has provided the Somali government with the Turkish-made TB2 drones, adding that the Turks also trained Somali security forces.

Although the news has been circulated on social media by politicians and the public, Somali Federal Government and the Turkish representatives are yet to address the news.

The drones have previously operated in Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan and Ethiopia.

The Turkish-built Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft is designed to carry out attacks and reconnaissance operations.

It is likely that the drones will take part in the Somali government’s fight against Al Shabaab.

The arrival of these fighter jets comes at a time when Somalia is currently embroiled in a series of disputed elections that could lead to conflict.

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