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Two Mogadishu Hospitals Designated for Covid-19

Mogadishu (SD) – Digfer and Sheikh Abdelaziz hospitals in Mogadishu have completely halted their regular medical services the community, according to both the Hospital administrations.

The closure took affect today and is Expected to reopen in May 31, 2020. Both Hospitals are designated to treat Covid-19 cases.

The news came as two Digfer Hospital workers tested positive for Covid-19, the cases are not yet included in Ministry of Heath tally.

The Somali Ministry of Health says it is concerned that more people are catching Coronavirus through community spread.

The deputy Health Minister Abdullahi Said Mohamed, called on the public to take the advice of health experts and anyone who has symptoms of the disease should contact the ministry.

Somalia has so far confirmed 21 cases of the Coronavirus in the country, that number is inaccurate as there isn’t enough testing done in the country.

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