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UCID Chairman and other Dir politicians issue strong statement on Somali elections

Nairobi (SD) – Politicians, intellectuals and elders from the Dir community, held a meeting in Nairobi discussing issues surrounding Somalia’s elections.

The conference was attended by prominent politicians including Somaliland’s chairman of UCID Feisal Ali Warabe, Somaliland’s former minster of planning Mohamed Ibrahim (Qabyotire) former Federal Minister of Information Mohamed Abdi Mareye, Ridwan Hersi.

The attendees issued a press statement calling for the election of the Northern Electoral Commission to be held in a fair and independent manner by the appointment of Electoral Commissions.

UCID Chairman Feisal Ali Warabe told the conference that Dir has 75 seats in the Somali parliament, similar to Darod, Hawiye and Digi/Mirifle but their role is not clear, and that they need to participate in power-sharing and focus on that.

“You have 75 MPs. We have to be visible through power-sharing in Somalia. The president and the prime minister goes to people like you who get 4.5, we have to strengthen our role this time.” Said Faisal Ali Warabe.

The Dir conference in Nairobi has been going on for two days, coinciding with the Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi announcing his intentions to appointment the Northern Parliamentary Election Commissions.

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