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UCID Chairman: President Guelleh is an enemy of Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the opposition UCID party, Faisal Ali Warabe, says Djibouti’s President Ismail Omar Guelleh is an enemy of Somaliland.

Speaking at Clubhouse, Faisal Ali Warabe said there was no relationship with President Guelleh and that he did not like his dictatorial policies.

He described the Djiboutian president as the enemy of Somaliland, as the country have been seeking international recognition for the past three decades.

“I do not agree with Ismail Omar Guelleh, because Ismail is the enemy of Somaliland, because he will never allow Somaliland recognition, And Djibouti will not survive when Ismail leaves, ”said Faisal Ali Warabe.

He also stressed that President Guelleh was destroying Djibouti, as he had completely crippled the opposition politicians and suppressed the country’s dissidents.

Faisal has several times expressed support for Djibouti’s opposition, describing Ismail Omar Guelleh as a “dictator”.

The Djiboutian government has repeatedly responded to chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, calling him a failed opposition leader.

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