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UN acquits Banadir Regional Police Commander of Shabab links

NY (SD) – The United Nations Security Council has acquitted Banadir Regional Police Commander General Sadiq Omar Mohamed of any links to al-Shabaab.

General Sadiq Omar alias Sadiq John has been accused by the former UN-Somalia Monitoring Group of having links to Al-Shabaab.

At last night’s UN Security Council meeting on Somalia, Belgian Ambassador and Chair of the UN Sanctions Committee Philippe Kridelka, said that following a review of reports by the UN Monitoring Group, there is no evidence that General Sadiq was linked to al-Shabaab.

“It is our constant position that our sanctions should be for no particular purpose. Each step the committee takes purpose should be maintaining peace and stability in Somalia, which is being affected by any negative effect the development of life and property of citizens. Legal requests made by Somalis should be given the attention and consideration they deserve. We welcome the explanation of the allegations against General Sadiq Omar Mohamed, the Banadir regional police commander, ”said a statement from the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations.

The Somali government and lawyers representing General Sadiq have been waging a legal battle against the baseless allegations leveled against them by the UN Monitoring Group, which was eventually defeated.

This shows that Somalis have the capacity and means to respond to unsubstantiated allegations from international organizations and organizations, and not to remain silent and accept them.

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