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UN considers AMISOM role in Somalia

Washington(SD) – Algeria and Kenya have reportedly called on the United Nations Security Council to extend the mandate of African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, slated to exit the country this year.

A joint statement issued by the Kenyan and Algerian foreign ministers Raychelle Omamo and Sabri Boukadoum said AMISOM forces had rescued Somalia from the grip of Al Shabaab terrorists, including Al Shabaab.

“And in this regard, the ministers urged the United Nations to consider financing Amisom through UN assessed contributions,” read part of the communique, according to the Star.

The two ministers added that AMISOM forces have never received adequate funding and troop numbers.

The ministers underlined that Al Shabab remains a threat in Somalia and the country does not yet have a military capability sufficient to prevent Al Shabab takeover, recommending that the African Union and the UN to extend the term of forces.

Somali security forces have recently been conducting increased security operations in the country, signaling that they could take over from AMISOM this year.

The head of the Security Council, Antonio Guetteres, has appointed a advisory committee on the withdrawal of the AMISOM troops.

The advisory committee is expected to come up with proposals for funding the African force, the UN to take over the mission all together or provide additional troops to help stabilize the country.

The work of the advisory committee and the final decision on its recommendations are the sole responsibility of the UN and the AU is not been involved.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the situation, and it comes at a time when Somalia and Kenya are in a political row.

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