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Somaliland asked Sierra Leone to use its Internet Domain

Hargeisa (SD) – The government of Somaliland, has reportedly asked the government of Sierra Leone to use its Internet Domain, as SL can also used by Somaliland.

The domains are used by governments around the world to add to their websites, but Somaliland, which has been independent of Somalia for 30 years, has not gained internet independence yet.

Currently there is ( for Somalia, so Somaliland wants a domain that can be given to Google.SL, therefore, Somaliland is seeking a domain name that can that could represent the country, like Google.SL, which currently represents the government of Sierra Leone.

There is no official statement from the Somaliland government, following reporting the Somaliland’s request yesterday.

The news item cited a letter the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology Dr. Abdiweli Sufi Jibril sent to the Minister of Information and Communication of Sierra Leone, requesting to use their domain.

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