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UN Envoy criticizes Somali politicians, sends message to President Farmajo

Mogadishu (SD) – UN envoy to Somalia James Swan accuses Somali politicians of fear mongering, after a delay in the parliamentary elections, in a recent BBC interview.

Swan said there is an opportunity, if Somali leaders can come together. Noting that they focused only on the controversy, the challenges and the divisions.

“In the next election, there is an opportunity. There was a focus on the dispute over the challenges and divisions. There is a chance. If the great leaders can come together, if President Farmajo is able to provide the necessary leadership to bring everyone together, to move forward, and to take into account the diversity of ideas, ” James Swan told the BBC.

He called on President Farmajo to take leadership role needed to bring together the various parties, as to move forward.

James Swan said the election stalemate is jeopardizing the country’s progress and stability, citing security risks, following the withdrawal of US troops from Somalia this week.

Somalia was set to hold its first “one person, one vote” election last year – in what would have been a major step forward for a war-torn country.

But opposition parties and some of the federal member states have opposed the election process, fearing fraud.

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