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UN Envoy to Somalia: We do not recognize SSC-Khatumo

MOGADISHO (SD) – The United Nations has, for the first time, stated that it does not officially recognize SSC-Khatumo as a regional state, after the Federal Government of Somalia recently affirmed its recognition of the Khatumo State leadership.

The United Nations’ Special Envoy for Somalia, Catriona Laing, in an interview with Mustaqbal Media, has mentioned that SSC-Khaatumo is not officially recognized.

She clarified that the recognition of SSC-Khaatumo falls under the authority of the Federal Government of Somalia, and the recent steps taken by the Federal Government do not constitute the official recognition of a regional administration. “Naturally, the United Nations does not provide official regional recognition, and this decision falls under the authority of the Federal Government of Somalia. That is how I understand it,” said Catriona Laing, who is the UN Representative for Somalia.

Catriona also called on SSC-Khaatumo and Somaliland to refrain from engaging in further destructive conflict and instead engage in peaceful negotiations to find a lasting solution to their differences.

She added, “The second thing is that both sides should avoid further conflict, and ultimately, both sides should engage in peace talks to achieve a peaceful solution, as stated.”

Lastly, she urged the people affected by the conflict in Las Anod to return to their city and work toward rebuilding their lives.

The Federal Government of Somalia has recently announced its formal recognition of the Khatumo State leadership, with its administrative headquarters in the city of Las Anod in Sool region.

This decision significantly impacts the status of the Khatumo State and has implications for the ongoing conflict in the area, especially in relation to Somaliland, which has previously been involved in territorial disputes with SSC-Khatumo.

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