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UN envoy welcomes Puntland and Jubaland electoral commission announcements, while feds reject it

Jowhar (SD) – The United Nations Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan, speaking to the media in Jowhar, following a meeting with President Hirshabelle, welcomed the electoral commissions announced by Puntland and Jubaland regional member states.

Mr. Swan also welcomed the call from Puntland and Jubaland for an emergency meeting between the Federal Government and regional governments, as to discuss the election dispute.

“Addressing the media in Jowhar today, UN envoy to Somalia James Swan, in an initial reaction, welcomed Puntland and Jubaland’s nominations to SIETs as a “positive” development and the proposal for Federal Govt. and Federal Member State leaders to meet as “helpful.” Swan said.

James Swan, while in Jowhar met with Hirshabelle President Ali Gudlawe Hussein in Jowhar today to discuss electoral issues.

Meanwhile, the Somali federal government is not as enthusiastic as the UN envoy about Puntland and Jubaland joining the SIET.

The UN envoy’s statement comes at a time when the Federal Government of Somalia has opposed to the Electoral Commissions announced by Puntland and Jubaland.

A statement from the Somali Minister of Interior Gen. Mukhtar Hussein Farah said Puntland and Jubaland didn’t follow the agreement reached on 17 September 2020 that outlined the process for appointing electoral commissions at the federal and state levels.

The statement added that neither Puntland nor Jubaland had submitted an official statement appointing the commissions to the Ministry of Interior and Federalism.

The appointment of regional election commissions to the federal committees by Puntland and Jubaland was seen as a step in the right direction, and is welcomed by the opposition candidates.

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