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UN: Expresses opposition to parallel or alternative election processes

Mogadishu (SD) – UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General James Swan in a press conference today addressed Somalia’s current political situation, expressing hope that a consensus could be reached on holding inclusive elections in Somalia.

James Swan along with international partners met with federal and state government officials and other politicians to discuss how to reach an agreement on the country’s elections.

“In collective meetings with other international partners, and in bilateral meetings, we have stressed the importance of reaching a common understanding on next steps prior to February 8, in order to avoid any uncertainty,” Mr. Swan said.

The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General James Swan added that on various occasions the international partners have expressed their opposition to parallel or alternative processes, and made clear that there must be no violence.

Swan urged Somalis to refrain from violence and redouble their efforts in finding solution for the electoral issues.

“We continue to urge Somali leaders [to show] goodwill, to redouble their efforts to resolve the outstanding issues of implementation of the electoral process and resolve those issues through dialogue and to reach agreement on the way forward for the good of the country” Mr. Swan said.

The Somali government and some regional administrations, along with the opposition, have been at loggerheads over the presidential and parliamentary 2021 elections.

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