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UN imposes new sanctions on Somalia

NY (SD) – The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to ban the shipment of explosives or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to Somalia, at a time when the country is under increasing terrorist threat.

Yesterday’s meeting of the UN Security Council approved the prevention of the sale or shipment of explosives to Somalia, while there is a ‘high risk’, they said, it could be used in deadly al-Shabaab attacks.

The council called on the federal government of Somalia to redouble its fight against extremist groups, which have recently been gaining momentum in southern and central Somalia.

The resolution was approved by 13 to 0, with China and Russia abstaining, tightening arms embargoes on Somalia and preventing the sale or transfer of any weapons or military equipment.

The United Nations has previously released a report claiming that extremists are extorting $ 21 million from Somalia, raising concerns of the country’s security.

The council jointly condemned Al-Shabaab’s attacks inside Somalia and in neighboring countries, and expressed concern over the presence of ISIS-linked groups inside Somalia.

The UN vote comes at a time Al Shabab has increased its attacks in the country, specifically on military bases occupied by Somali and foreign military forces.

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