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UN, US and the EU urge Somali leaders to participate election process discussions

Brussels (SD) – The Vice President of the European Union (EU) has issued a stern statement to Somali leaders, feuding over the country’s election process.

“Somalia’s leaders need to find a compromise leading to an immediate electoral process and a peaceful transfer of power, through the implementation of the September 17 agreement. The current lack of agreement seriously delays the pace of urgently needed reforms, for the detriment of Somalia’s citizens.” The EU VP said in an statement.

The statement, signed by EU Vice President Josep Borrell, said those who obstruct talks or try to use violence will face the consequences of their actions.

“When individual priorities prevail over the general interest of the country, political leaders discredit themselves to represent their citizens. Those who undermine the dialogue or resort to the use of violence will be exposed to measures and will face the consequences of their actions.” The EU VP said in an statement.

The European Union’s High Representative/Vice-President has also said the EU will not support disputed elections in Somalia.

“Somalia’s federal and Member State leaders must honour their responsibilities to the people of Somalia and hold Parliamentary and Presidential elections immediately. No alternative, unilateral or partial process will receive our support.” Said the High Representative’s statement.

A tweet posted on the US embassy in Mogadishu’s account also called on outgoing President Farmajo to ensure the convening of a conference of regional leaders.

The EU and the US warning comes at a time when some regional governments are refusing to attend a consultative meeting between the federal government and regional governments meant to discuss the country’s election process.

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