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UNSOM to take legal action against UNAS University in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – In a statement posted on Facebook, the United Nations Mission in Somalia UNSOM, said there was no link between the United Nations and the United Nations Academy of Somalia (UNAS).

The statement said that there are important guidelines to follow for organizations that want to work with the United Nations or want to use its own trademark, It includes making contact with the UN Secretary General, and getting an approval, so this university did not take that approach.

“UNAS has neither requested nor received permission to use a UN name or logo. The Secretary General never granted permission for business objectives, such as what UNAS has done. “Said the statement.

On the other hand, UNSOM said in the statement, that it would take legal steps to stop the use of the UN name and symbol.

UNAS university is headed by senior officials who have held senior positions in the country, including former MP Ali Mohamed Gedi and they are expected to respond to UNSOM’s statement.

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