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US Accused of Refusing to Invest in Somaliland’s Democracy

Washington (SD) – Michael Rubin, an American expert, who writes extensively on Horn of Africa issues, particularly in Somaliland, has penned a lengthy critique on the State Department’s policy toward democracy in Africa.

Michael Rubin, recently wrote a lengthy report on Somaliland’s democratic process, titled “The State Department must stop treating African democracy with disdain”.

In a lengthy article posted on his website, Michael Rubin said the State Department does not provide equal financial support to African countries, but gives millions of dollars every year to some undemocratic countries led by dictators.

“Compare these countries with Somaliland, a nation whose independence the United States recognized in 1960 prior to its voluntary union with Italian Somaliland to form Somalia. That union dissolved in 1991, but the United States did not return formal recognition.” Wrote Rubin.

The expert criticized the US for not sending observers to the country in May 31, 2021 dual elections “While Somalia degenerated into civil war, Somaliland remained peaceful. It has had multiple, multicandidate, one-man, one-vote elections, most recently on May 31, 2021. Unlike any other African country or, for that matter, the United States, it secures the integrity of its voter registration process by biometric iris scans. Diplomats from almost a dozen European Union members observed the latest elections, but neither Secretary of State Antony Blinken nor the US Embassy in Somalia dispatched any American observers.”

Rubin further criticized the State Department for not helping or acknowledging Somaliland. “The United Kingdom does not recognize Somaliland’s independence either but maintains an office there; its resident diplomat Stuart Brown congratulated Somaliland on its achievement. The State Department? Crickets. It refuses to even acknowledge—let alone help fund—the only successful, stable democracy in a sea of authoritarian or failing states. To support Somaliland need not mean accepting its independence. Certainly, precedent exists with both Taiwan and Iraqi Kurdistan.”


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