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US asked to compensate airstrike victims

MOGADISHU (SD) -The United States is asked to change its approach to the airstrikes conducted within Somalia due to concerns about the collateral damage caused.

Over 20 local and international human rights organizations in Somalia have jointly urged the U.S. Department of Defense to take immediate measures to address civilian casualties arising from the airstrikes in Somalia.

These organizations have requested a thorough investigation into reports of civilian casualties, as well as redress for affected families. They have also expressed concern over instances where U.S. military leaders have shown indifference to the grievances of Somali victims.

A letter addressed to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin outlines various cases of civilian harm caused by U.S. airstrikes in Somalia, underscoring incidents involving significant loss of life and injuries to innocent civilians. The letter notes that affected families have not received satisfactory responses or compensation for the harm caused.

Moreover, the letter mentions that the Department of Defense has allocated three million dollars annually to the U.S. Africa Command for ex gratia payments for harmed civilians.

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