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China donates a million dollars to flood victims

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Chairman of Somalia’s Disaster Management Authority (SODMA) today received $1,000,000 from the Chinese government, following a significant event in Mogadishu.

SODMA had previously announced that it needed urgent humanitarian assistance, indicating that it lacked the necessary funds to meet the growing needs of the affected population.

Today, the National Disaster Management Agency extended its heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese Ambassador to Somalia, Fei Shengchao.

The funds are designated to aid those affected by the severe consequences of El-Niño-induced conditions, as stated by Chairman Maxamuud Macallin.

The Chinese government had previously provided substantial aid to the Federal Government, particularly addressing the dire conditions in Jubaland regions.

Currently, Somalia is facing severe challenges, including floods and displacement, leading to a humanitarian crisis in various parts of the country.

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