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US citizen arrested for trying to join al Shabab

NAIROBI (SD) – An American citizen who intended to join Al-Shabaab was arrested on the 14th of this month in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The man was allegedly linked to a terrorist organization.

The Department of Justice in the United States named the individual as 23-year-old Kareem Nasr, who wanted to become a member of Al-Shabaab. It was revealed that Nasr had a role in planning an attack that Hamas claimed on October 7 against Israel.

“As alleged, Karrem Nasr provided material support to Al-Shabaab, which he joined intending to a jihadist fighter against the United States and its allies,” said US Attorney Damian. Williams.

The accused, who is suspected of joining Al-Shabaab, left the United States in July this year. He was then in Egypt before he was arrested in Nairobi.

The Kenyan security forces with the help of the Americans have arrested the individual, and there is a plan to extradite him to the United States, where legal proceedings are expected to be taken.

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