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Burundian contingent withdraws from Somalia

BUJUMBURA (SD) -The government of Burundi has officially announced that it has withdrawn its largest contingent of troops participating in the African Union Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) from inside Somalia.

According to a press release from the Burundian Ministry of Defense, the withdrawal took place on December 23rd of this year, and it involved a significant number of troops totaling up to 734 soldiers, who were returned to their home country.

Upon their return, the Burundian troops were welcomed in Bujumbura, by officials from the Ministry of Defense, who expressed gratitude for their participation in the peacekeeping mission.

Burundi has been contributing troops to the ATMIS mission in Somalia since 2007. The withdrawal aligns with plans for the second phase of the drawdown of ATMIS troops within Somalia.

Additionally, it is part of a broader strategy to gradually reduce the presence of foreign forces in Somalia. Furthermore, in 2024, the overall plan is for the last foreign troops to exit the country entirely, allowing Somalia to independently manage its security affairs.

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